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Hi, I'm Mustafa a-

Product Designer with a passion for simplifying complex workflows

5 years of experience in solving complex problems in a fast-paced startup and agile setting, resulting in enhanced efficiency, productivity, and the development of intuitive platforms for B2B, SaaS, and B2C

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Startup & Agile Experience

A proven track record of designing product end-to-end and taking it from

0-1 in fast-paced and agile startup setting

Coding Knowledge 

Fundamental front-end development knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

,and Angular framework

Senior Experience

5 years of experience in end-to-end user-centered design for both B2B and B2C. Strong background in User research, Testing, and inclusive design

Selected Work
Maka Health Enterprise

A B2B SaaS all-in-one platform for EHR (electronic health records) and practice management for practitioners. Senior UX/UI designer




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OnTrac Delivery Manager

Internal operation and CMS software used by 3000+ employees for day-to-day operations. Senior designer in team of 5



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Maka Patient App

Mobile native application designed for consumers to simplify communication and facilitates the efficient management of patients' lab results, health records, and appointment bookings


Coming soon!

Passion Projects
UX Case Study
UX Case Study
UX Case Study

Sole UX/UI Designer, an all-in-one mobile fitness app concept that aims to boost motivation through accountability partnerships.


Presenting your design to stakeholders and clients

How to Present your Designs: 10 Lessons from “Articulating Design Decisions”

Enhancing engagment in your design

Make Users Addicted: Crafting Habit-Forming Interfaces


Lean UX in Startups: Creating a Great User Experience on a Budget 

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