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Gym-Rat is a fitness app concept with the goal of keeping users motivated 

UX Case study

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The goal of this project is to design a fitness app
that helps users stay accountable for their gym routine
by allowing them to choose an accountability partner.

The app also features a workout logging feature and a
social media page for users to share pictures of their
progress. The app aims to create a supportive
community for gym-goers and provide a seamless
user experience


Sole UX/UI Designer


5 weeks


Figma, Excel, Optimal sort,
Paper and pencil

UX Design process

A look at the Prototype:

Understanding the problem

Research suggests that people may lose motivation to
exercise in the gym relatively quickly, typically within 4-6
weeks of starting a gym-based program. Common reasons for loss of motivation include boredom, lack of progress, and lack of time.

Key Findings and Insights

Following data collection through various methods and research stages, we performed thorough data analysis and sorting to gain insights into the factors contributing to gym dropouts.


up to 50% of new gym-goers quit within the
first six months of joining.


lack of social support, unrealistic expectations,
boredom, and physical discomfort are major factors of gym dropouts


an accountability partner
and a supportive social community can significantly
increase motivation and adherence to exercise programs


How can we support users in maintaining their workout routines and sustaining motivation?


Understanding the User

Based on the gathered data, we have created personas to better understand our target users and guide our design process.

User persona
User persona

Competitor analysis

Looking for opportunities

Now we proceeded with the competitor analysis, a crucial step to understand the existing landscape and identify our unique position in the market.

copetitive analysis

Site map

Setting the foundation

To gain a clearer understanding of the app's information architecture, we started by creating a sitemap as the initial step in the visual design process

Site map

Solution 1

have an accountability partner

Studies indicate that having an accountability partner significantly enhances the likelihood of adhering to fitness goals, specifically in the context of going to the gym

Users have the ability to connect with a gym partner who shares similar goals or attends the same gym. Additionally, they can utilize the app to check in and stay in touch with each other.

Gym app UI Design

Every day the user checks in with their partner, their streak count increases, providing additional motivation to maintain the streak and avoid breaking it

Solution 2

supportive social community

Studies indicate that having a supportive community increases the feel of accomplishment which in turn help individuals stay motivated

Users can filter the content from public to their own gym or friends only

Gym app UI Design

Users can post pictures of their progress on the social community page


Other included functions

In order to make the app more useful and engaging, we added more functions that would be helpful in the fitness journey

In-app messaging function 

Gym app UI Design

Scheduling function

Gym app UI Design

Workout log

Gym app UI Design


From sketch to final design

Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design
Frame 3171.png


Implementing usability study Insights

Check-in buttin was added to home page

Gym app UI Design
Gym app UI Design

Ability to share pictures through chat was added

Frame 3202.png

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