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Stay healthy despite your busy schedule! convenience and deliciousness now at your fingertips!

UX Case Study


Our food delivery app offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to filter their food preferences, schedule deliveries, and track their orders in real time. Designed to help users with busy schedules stay healthy and hit their diet goals, our app offers a wide selection of healthy and nutritious meal options, including vegan, and gluten-free options.


With just a few taps on our app, users can have delicious and nutritious meals delivered right to their doorstep, making it easier than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing convenience.

My Role:

Sole UX/UI Designer


6 Weeks


Figma, Excel, Optimal sort,
Paper and pencil




The food delivery industry has seen a massive increase in demand in recent years, leading to a surge in the number of food delivery apps. However, many of these apps are poorly designed, leading to a frustrating user experience for customers.


Common issues include difficulty filtering and searching for specific food options, a lack of transparency regarding delivery times, and confusing checkout processes. Additionally, customers with dietary restrictions often struggle to find healthy and nutritious options that fit their needs.


To address these issues, we developed a food delivery app with a focus on user experience. The app features an intuitive interface that allows users to easily filter food options based on cuisine, dietary restrictions, and other preferences. Users can also schedule deliveries and track their orders in real-time, providing greater transparency and convenience.


To cater to customers with dietary restrictions, the app offers a wide selection of healthy and nutritious meal options that fit a variety of dietary needs. Overall, our food delivery app offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for users, helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing convenience.

We have created personas based on potential users that we have interviewed to understand user needs, develop empathy, make informed design decisions, and communicate the value of our design decisions

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In an effort to understand user needs more deeply, we've created a user journey map for persona Maria

Goal: Maintain a healthy diet while keeping up with a busy professional life



It's challenging to maintain a healthy diet while having a busy and successful career. Limited time for cooking nutritious meals and short lunch breaks make it difficult for individuals to go to restaurants.


Difficulty to locate restaurants that offer menu options that are compatible with the user's dietary preferences


Not having access to your phone during work means the user will not get their meals delivered at the right time for lunch break




  • Large selection of restaurant options

  • Easy-to-use app interface


  • Limited ability to filter food based on dietary preferences 

  • Limited customization options for orders



  • User-friendly app with easy navigation

  • Ability to track delivery in real-time

  • Integration with Uber Rewards program


  • Limited ability to filter food based on dietary preferences 

  • Limited customization options for orders



  • Seamless ordering process

  • Easy-to-use app interface

  • Rewards program for frequent customers


  • Limited ability to filter food based on dietary preferences 

  • Limited order tracking options

Conclusion: our food delivery app has the potential to stand out in the competitive market by offering a seamless user experience, competitive pricing, and most importantly, an emphasis on filtering food based on the user's dietary preferences.


By providing a more personalized and curated experience, our app can improve on the weaknesses of our competitors, while offering a unique value proposition to users. With a focus on dietary preferences, our app can cater to a wider range of users, ensuring that everyone can find something that suits their needs and preferences.


From Sketch to Mockup:



Implementing Insights:

A heart shaped button was added to save favorite restaurant based on the insights from the usability study

We added the ability to schedule later delivery times


Implementing Insights:

Meal calorie count was added based on insights and to promote the app as a healthy solution 

Dietary preference filtering function was added to ease the search and help provide a seamless user experience

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"Gymrat is an all-in-one mobile fitness app that aims to boost motivation through accountability partnerships.


It also serves as a platform for connecting users from the same gym to share progress updates through public posts and in-app messaging."


C-Nova is a responsive website for a crypto marketplace that's tailored for novice investors. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and provide an enjoyable learning experience for the user.

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